Preventing sickness absence

If you make sure that you understand the causes of sickness absence, provide free health and safety training for your staff and take steps to ensure that staff are made aware of guidelines and policies, you can help prevent absence.

  • Health and wellbeing at work

    By promoting health at work, and creating a safe workplace for your employees, you can effectively manage health and safety in the workplace, help prevent accidents and sickness absence.

  • Talking to employees about their health

    As an employer, it is, of course, important to achieve the highest level of attendance possible. After all, by preventing and reducing sickness absence, you can reduce business costs and…

  • Health and safety in the workplace

    In 2013/14, an estimated 2.0 million people in Great Britain were suffering from an illness (long standing as well as new cases) they believed was caused or made worse by…

  • Creating a sickness policy

    In order to manage attendance and help every employee understand the policies and procedures they must follow in the event of an absence, you should develop a sickness absence policy….

  • Common causes of work absence

    As an employer, it’s inevitable that some of your employees will be absent due to sickness or illness. This type of absence will naturally resolve itself, but for a small…