Free occupational health assessments to help employees return to work after absence of four weeks or more. Access to online and telephone-based work-related health advice.

Employees who consent to being referred to Fit for Work will be invited for a telephone assessment by a Fit for Work occupational health professional. This assessment aims to identify all potential obstacles preventing employees from returning to work (including health, work and personal factors). Where appropriate, a Return to Work Plan will be agreed between the advisor and employee.

While aiming to plug the gap in occupational health advice and support for SMEs, Fit for Work can also work alongside existing employer occupational health provision as it focuses on many different aspects preventing an employee’s return to work, including social and financial factors.

How to prepare for making Fit for Work referrals

  • Clarify what existing support you already have in place for employees on long-term sick leave. Update your HR policy to accept the Fit for Work Return to Work Plans. (For help with updating your absence and HR policies, see the CIPD guidelines.)
  • Invite eligible employees in for a discussion about Fit for Work, and refer employees (with their consent) using the employer referral form.
  • Spread the word about Fit for Work within your organisation or on your website using some of our online resources (see the employer toolkit for a collection of useful materials available for your use).

How it Works

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