Employer Roadshow

The Fit for Work team (along with leading experts such as David Frost CBE, Acas, and early adopters of the service) have been visiting key parts of the country to:

  • share insights and information on sickness absence;
  • demonstrate how the service works;
  • discuss the potential for supporting a return to work more quickly, appropriately and at the key intervention point of around four weeks.

Managing long term sickness absence in the workplace isn’t just challenging for most businesses and organisations, but can also prove very expensive. Sickness absence is estimated to cost UK organisations up to £29 billion annually, with 131 million working days lost. And, with the increasingly older workforce, this figure looks set to rise.

Fit for Work offers access to occupational health support to help employees stay in or return to work. It is aimed at supporting workers in SMEs to plug the gap in occupational health advice and support provision, but is also available to larger employers and organisations, where it can help complement existing occupational health services.

The scheme is set to affect employers up and down the country, with businesses now beginning to refer their employees to Fit for Work. The events, to be held across England and Wales, will be looking at what these changes mean from a policy and business perspective.

Events took place in:

  • West Midlands (Birmingham).
  • South Wales (Swansea and Cardiff).
  • North Wales (Wrexham).
  • Yorkshire & the Humber (Leeds).
  • North West (Manchester).
  • East Midlands (Nottingham).
  • North East (Newcastle).
  • South East (Reading, Newmarket and London).
  • South West (Bristol).

Thanks to all those who attended the events. If you were unable to go along on the day, you’ll find recordings of some of the key presentations on our webinar page.