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Returning to work after absence

Written by: Fit for Work team | Posted in: Blog

With proper planning and management, returning to work after a period of absence should be a positive and uplifting experience. Before you are fit and well enough to return, you should consider how your condition affects your ability to work and understand what adjustments might be needed to help you to return safely.

Your return to work

How you and your employer plan for, and manage, your return to work can make all the difference. Understanding how your employer will work with you to develop a Return to Work Plan and support you throughout the return to work process can help you get back to work safely and readjust to working life.

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Workplace adjustments and adaptations

Returning to the same workload, commitments and responsibilities at work can often be too much for you to cope with, particularly in the early stages of your return to work. If you become disabled during employment, your employer should make reasonable adjustments to your workplace or working conditions to help you stay in work.

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