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Health and wellbeing at work

Written by: Fit for Work team | Posted in: Blog

By promoting health at work, and creating a safe workplace for your employees, you can effectively manage health and safety in the workplace, help prevent accidents and sickness absence.

Health surveillance

If your employees are exposed to certain hazards within your workplace, you may be legally obliged to carry out health surveillance to detect early signs of work-related ill health.

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Risk assessment

As an employer, you should assess any activities in your workplace that could cause harm, and carry out a risk assessment to identify the hazards and control the risks. This will help you put controls in place that prevent accidents and injury in the workplace and, in turn, help you in managing sickness absence.

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Safe work equipment

In all types of workplaces, there are different types of equipment and machinery that we use to carry out everyday tasks. All work equipment has the potential to cause problems in the workplace, so you need to ensure that it remains safe to use and that you’re not putting employees at risk.

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Identifying workplace hazards

Every workplace has hazards. As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to look after your employees’ safety and protect them against health and safety hazards at work.

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What is health promotion?

Healthy and well-motivated employees can have a positive impact on an organisation, so it’s important to promote health at work.

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