Expert and impartial advice is delivered by our team of occupational health professionals. You can chat online to a specialist advisor, email a question or call 0800 032 6235 (English) or 0800 032 6233 (Cymraeg).

Roll-out of the referral service has commenced across England and Wales. With their consent, GPs in the roll out areas can now refer employed patients who have been, or are likely to be, off sick from work for four weeks or more for an occupational health assessment.


The occupational health professional will identify obstacles preventing the employee from returning to work. A Return to Work Plan will be agreed providing recommendations tailored to the employee’s needs, which can replace the need for a fit note.

GP referrals will roll out nationwide by autumn 2015, when employers can start to refer too. See where the service is live and rolling out. Find out more here.

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